Sunday, July 1, 2012

doodley poops

It's summmmeeerrrrrr!
Time for a strange assortment of poopy pen doodles!

...Yes. This is fanart....of exactly what you think it is.

So I'm gonna need you to stop judging me right now and just acknowledge the fact that David Bowie in a fantasy mullet and tight pants is horrifyingly beautiful (but mostly horrifying)

Cow lady! Obviously BFF with Chicken Mama

Adam & Eve? (warning: pre Genesis 3 butts)

My professor, Niki Rousso-Schindler and classmates from her summer school class on food anthropology. Also an animal crossing guy.

Return of Gastelbrau!

I really really loved making Gastelbrau. Ever since making it I've been wanting to continue with it, too. I have a lot of ideas! I would love to make some books or comics.

More vampires! Baby Gastelbrau! (And that's not an older Gabi!)

Seasonal outfits!
and of course...WEREWOLFS! Who didn't see that one coming? It's against the laws of media to have presence of vampires and not eventually have a werewolf show up. Stephanie Meyer knows what I'm talking about.

That's all for now. Peace out! Stay hydrated!


  1. If these are doodley poops, I feel sorry for what my doodles must be!!

    Amazing stuff!!

  2. Balalala I love that movie!!! And David Bowie!!! And your doodles!!

  3. I love it daddy bodday. I feel these charachters are part of the family now xxxxxxxx

  4. LOVE IT! Momma cow bff....for some reason does not remind me of a cow...if you want some of our cow pictures I'll email them. I think ours is cute! Especially Michael's mom's cow...Bluebell- she is a belted Galloway

  5. I think I might just be in love with Gastelbrau('s design) ahem. He's so charming! ♥