Monday, June 4, 2012

Austrian Dumplins'!

I am taking a summer school class about food anthropology. For my mid term I was to read about the fascinating AUSTRIAN DUMPLING! And make a presentation. So prepare yourself for some dumpling facts.

There's a certain idea of male strength and masculinity tied to dumplings...

Women say that men expect meat and dumplings as often as possible. Some dumpling recipes are even noted as important for a woman to be able to make them to attract a man! Even though the ingredients are simple enough, a meal with dumplings, meat and gravy is time consuming and labor intensive...and that just won't do for the modern Austrian lady on-the-go.

Though their roots are in home-cooking, these days dumpling production is pretty industrialized and can be found readily available in grocery stores and restaurants. Way to go, modern civilization!

Dumplings are usually named after their place of origin. There are many names and types (none of which I will ever attempt to pronounce) such as...

defining a few different types of dumplings:



  1. I love your sense of humor, your way of explaining dumplings is so cute! The last one, the blind one.. it really made me laugh!

  2. Next time I see you we have to go and look for an Autrian dumplings place. Love it Rohy.

  3. ooooooo
    i love dumplings....
    and your drawings!!