Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mighty Millie


This is my final project for my graphic novel development class...the one I took LAST semester. As it came time to work on my project my pronator syndrome decided to rear it's ugly head, making me unable to draw.... My teacher graciously gave me a grade of incomplete and said to just finish it when I could--so I've been working on it while in the middle of recovering from pronator/surgery, not to mention in the middle of scrambling to work on my animation!

Anyway...here it is! I think the less I say about it the better, because to be honest I'm quite unhappy with the story..... (it was a little trying to develop a story for my comic simultaneously working on the story for my animation), also unhappy with the character designs, not as polished as I'd like.........let's not even talk about BGs.....
Ok, I will just stop before I completely destroy this with my own critique.
Enjoy! (if possible)


  1. I really enjoyed this. The story and characters were too cute. I wanted to see more of the characters, particularly Ace and the ringmaster. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Well, for the record, I really liked it! I understand that you may not have been able to put as much time as you wanted into it. But for what time you had and what you were going through, it came out great. From what I know about your work online, I know that you could do better, but I think it's still something to be proud of.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love every second of this. It might not be your favorite piece of work, but it really made my heart happy, so it has that going for it.

  4. yeahhhh hannah!!!
    you finally did it! And I really loved it
    loved the humour in it. loved how elegant yet powerful she is. loved the new trend that she set and hope it will be true in real life.

  5. The character designs are great and so are the layouts and set designs. I'm sure you took a lot and grew a lot from this process. GREAT JOB

  6. I'm from Brazil and I loved your story!! Congratulations! ^ ^

  7. ahhh, that was great. :D

  8. I think it's very charming and you did a lovely job with it! I think there's something to be said for the simplicity.

  9. it's really easy to be hard on yourself for what you wanted to do and didn't get to but while I find your inks to be really nice and wonderfully spotted throughout what you dislike about it would be completely disguised if you colored it (you know in all that copious non-animating recovery time). ;)

    The story is fun and I loved seeing these characters!

  10. Amazing!!! I'm proud of you Hannah! You've grown tremendously as an artist and cartoonist, this comic is certainly a clear indicator.

    I really want to offer you a critique, but I can't think of anything. You have great characters, writing, flow, the backgrounds are certainly charming and inviting. I know you'll keep drawing, so I can't even tell you to do that. You're great, dear!

  11. For a work that had to be done in such a short time, I think you pulled it off quite well :) I really enjoyed it and quite like the idea, much better than the strong man's daughter concept I once had ^^;


  12. by the end of the story, i was grinning so wide my cheeks are sore as i type this!! you are definitely being too down on yourself- that was truly lovely, and more than enjoyable. i think jason jfish fischer up there said it best- you grow more and more talented every day, and you're clearly heading for really wonderful things. if you can get an audience attached to a character in just a few pages like that, that's something special. you have that inside of you.

    anyways... thank you for brightening my day!!!

  13. WOW thank you so much everyone!!! So kind!!!

  14. PLEASE expand this story and turn it into either a GIANT graphic novel or a series!!! There is so much potential here!!!
    BTW...have you thought of trying out for the Dreamworks Story Initiative? I think you'd make a good story artist. I should know, I taught the last group.

  15. AhhHHHHhh thank you so much John!!
    And no I haven't...I'm not sure what that is (but I am very interested in story!!)
    All I've done is gone to the dreamworks website briefly and looked at the internships section. Maybe I didnt look thoroughly enough but I didnt see anything that jumped out at me to apply for...
    If you have more info I'd appreciate it!!

  16. The story initiative is basically a program where we train story artists.
    Dave Pimental has a post on his blog about it.
    Here: http://drawingsfromamexican.blogspot.com/2011/02/story-initiative-at-dreamworks.html

    Go for it!!!

  17. Hey Hannah Banana, I absolutely love it!!

    I had to do an animation semester as part of my degree and I was officially RUBBISH, I wish I had even a tiny bit of your talent.

    I can't wait to see more of your work and even your name on the credits at the end of a film :)

    Keep up the good work xx

  18. OMG, i don't know how you do that
    but, girl, you're so great <3
    I love the history, and i think this is sooo original!
    i always love every single character of yours!

    I want to see more of this!
    and if you publish a comic someday i WANT IT TOO Dx
    hahaha <3

    Great job, as always <3

  19. AH man, I enjoyed this greatly! I really dig Ace's outfit, I wish I could have seen him and his 'High Riders' In action!

    But that story was fun and Millie was a cute main character! :D
    Way to go!

  20. This is SO adorable!! Keep up the amazing stuff!