Friday, September 30, 2011

bundle of joy

Assignment for animation class; subjects based on my very own dear parents (and me!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

oh look...a vampire joke...

Return of Gastelbrau

Assignment for story class was to "Tell a Joke" - two characters max, b&w, no dialogue. This assignment just proved to show me exactly how unfunny I am because for the whole week I could not think of ANYTHING!
So in the end I did a joke I thought of last year for my animation, but didn't end up using. (Though I guess this scene would technically take place afterwards, since he has both of his teeth there)

Monday, September 12, 2011

diabetic food baby

Are there any diabetic/hypoglycemics out there that experience the pain I feel??
I'm talking about the pain of about a lb of carrot sticks in my stomach right now.

Breakfast started out real classy. Berry skyr with a few blackberries and flax seed thrown in there.

I'm breaking in my new bike, so I rode down to whole foods and treated myself to some multigrain sushi (which was aawWWeeesoOOme)

Yes, well...I'm not used to riding on these California hills and I guess that bike ride was more strenuous than I thought, because my bloodsugar had dropped down to 48 by 3:00, and low blood sugars turn me into a ravenous food beast (like a werewolf, except replace the full moon with glucose deffecient blood.....I guess...?)

In about 5 seconds flat my stomach contained the following:

3 bags of pirate booty
3 spoonfuls of apricot preserves
3 celery sticks dipped in zucchini ikra
entire 15 oz bag of carrot sticks least I can console myself that it was pretty much healthy food! (Pirate booty is questionable...)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Registered and ripped

Today I officially registered for my classes.
Zesung Kang and I had a nice chat.

Guess what else I did today?


Monday, September 5, 2011

Do the kettlebell swing

Well, tomorrow I am headed back to school for my third year at CalArts. That freeeaaaaks me out. I don't feel like a Junior at all!

I can't say that I drew a whole lot this summer unfortunately...but what I can say is I LOVE KETTLEBELL! I tend to feel about working out/exercising the same way I also feel about showering: I feel like a million bucks once I'm done, but the whole process itself just feels like a big invasion of my time and I can't wait for it to be over. Not so with kettlebell!!! I look forward to my sumo squats and turkish get up sit ups every day! (Maybe if I do kettlebell in the shower I will enjoy showering more too?)

My godmother (you may remember her) gave me her old kettlebell and 25 min DVD and OOOH MAN it's so much fun to swing that thing around (unlike running, where I find myself praying for death to take me). So turns out it was developed in Russia where it is called girya which sounds a million times cooler than kettlebell.

only 25 mins and I feel the burn!!

Note the impressive pink seven pounder right there (apparently women are supposed to START OUT with 15 lbs...maybe that's only for Russian women. That must be it)

I imagine Millie does some kettlebell in her spare time

I really loathe girls like Millie.

Here I come, CalArts!!