Friday, July 20, 2012

Story Time Confessions Art

Popped my flash drive in today and came across the production drawings I did for Story Time.
Haha, as you'll notice, there's not a whole was pretty weird, this animation. The first drawings I did were these

In fact it's the ONLY drawing I did of the Wolf Mama before I started animating haha! Pretty much just like "Ok. That looks good I guess. Let's do this."
It was nice! No fuss! Though I don't really think this method can work for many animations. Story Time is pretty lazy though. I am pretty lazy. I don't even feel like typing anymore. m lzy.

Have some pictures.

(ew what is that ugly beast in the orange hoodie)

Oh yeah, originally I was going to draw myself with an actual recording set. Then I remembered I am lazy, much too lazy to figure out how to borrow proper recording equipment from CalArts, and pulled my iphone out of my pocket instead.


  1. Hi Hannah, I love your drawings;they are really lively I can actually see them moving. I watched your animation bedtime stories again and although first time round I liked Mrs. Wolf now I think nurse Jessica is my favourite; she is really sweet,witty and caring and I have a feeling that she is very much like you! By the way I liked your self portrait as well!! Keep up the good work xx

    1. Awww thank you Caroline!!! You are super kind!

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