Monday, November 7, 2011

First week of thankfulness

Here's a set of drawings from the first week of thankfulness on my thankfulness tumblr.

01: That feeling in the air of the seasons changing

02: My dad

03: My dog

04: CalArts salad bar

05: My friend Lizzie Metcalf

06: Final Fantasy X

07: Ms. Harris


      1. this is just lovely :)
        and i love drawings of food <3

      2. I wish i could draw as cute and adorably as you can Hannah

      3. I wish I had a shirt with a pile of adorable foxes playing in autumn leaves, Trevor

      4. AYOUBI
        cool cool. now i can keep up with your life!

      5. Your use of color and line quality is stunning and inspiring, as always!
        If you don't mind me asking, what brush or filter did you use to make everything look so watercolor-y (for lack of a better word) ?

      6. One of my teachers gave our class some great watercolor brushes, not sure exactly where they came from; and I also used the "find edges" filter