Tuesday, November 8, 2011

cafe, life, cartoons

Here is some lifedrawingy type stuff!

Some cafe drawings of students around the CalArts campus

And these were done in Rad Sechrist's life drawing class; an exercise in taking the model's poses and turning them into little scenarios/stories/cartoons. Super fun! Drawings were done in sharpie then watercolor tone was added in photoshop.


  1. awesome! i like the seagull on the mermaid's booty haha

  2. Ah man I really enjoy these, especially the top one! You get some great personality out of your gestures! I love the laptop girl, donut girl, and the girl checking her.. phone/DS. ONE OF THOSE TWO.

    That class sounds like a ridiculous amount of fun!

    Also, that kid on the chair looks super disappointed :c

  3. I love the studies. They're very fun and the people are full of personality.

  4. really really awesome work. I am in aw

  5. These studies are INCREDIBLE, they are a nice reference for who are trying to improve their own drawings (including me, haha).And you putted your own style, which is very cool. By the way, my favorite one is the mermaid sleeping. :)