Monday, September 19, 2011

oh look...a vampire joke...

Return of Gastelbrau

Assignment for story class was to "Tell a Joke" - two characters max, b&w, no dialogue. This assignment just proved to show me exactly how unfunny I am because for the whole week I could not think of ANYTHING!
So in the end I did a joke I thought of last year for my animation, but didn't end up using. (Though I guess this scene would technically take place afterwards, since he has both of his teeth there)


  1. This is adorable :) Love seeing these characters again

  2. Hey Hannah! It was nice to meet you the other night. Cool blog!

  3. Molly - thanks!!

    Megan - Right back atcha! :D hopefully I'll see you some more on tuesday nights if you can come!

  4. I watched your film, and is very cute. Your film really rocked! Congratulations :)