Monday, September 12, 2011

diabetic food baby

Are there any diabetic/hypoglycemics out there that experience the pain I feel??
I'm talking about the pain of about a lb of carrot sticks in my stomach right now.

Breakfast started out real classy. Berry skyr with a few blackberries and flax seed thrown in there.

I'm breaking in my new bike, so I rode down to whole foods and treated myself to some multigrain sushi (which was aawWWeeesoOOme)

Yes, well...I'm not used to riding on these California hills and I guess that bike ride was more strenuous than I thought, because my bloodsugar had dropped down to 48 by 3:00, and low blood sugars turn me into a ravenous food beast (like a werewolf, except replace the full moon with glucose deffecient blood.....I guess...?)

In about 5 seconds flat my stomach contained the following:

3 bags of pirate booty
3 spoonfuls of apricot preserves
3 celery sticks dipped in zucchini ikra
entire 15 oz bag of carrot sticks least I can console myself that it was pretty much healthy food! (Pirate booty is questionable...)


  1. skyr :Q so tasty!

    I'm gluten intolerant, so I have to watch what I can eat, but not diabetic or anything.

  2. Used to be Hypoglycemic & a Hypersomniac. I always had to carry around 7up for a sugar boost

  3. Amber - I'm not gluten intolerant but I think I tend to feel not so sluggish if I lay off the gluten. Same with carbs in general...I can eat them (insulin pump makes blood sugar much easier to manage) but I think I just feel better when I don't, esp. simple sugars and starches. Fruit and vegetables forever!!! (...and mcdonalds ice cream cones)

    Kumar - usually I just down a juice box if my bloodsugar drops, but lately I become RAVENOUS if it goes low...need to learn to control this beast. Still haven't found the best pick me up for sleepy eye syndrome...

  4. awww...
    maybe you can buy some granola bars or some kind of snack in bulk so that doesn't happen to you :/

    by the way... i am addicted to those mcdonalds vanilla cones.
    we shall go on an ice cream cone adventure soon!
    my treat!

  5. lols hannah love ur full tank and SIGGIS! im so glad i got my brother into those things, my parents and my sister just look at us weirdly as we devour the siggis -___- they do not know true taste and improv~ haha

  6. Tammy - that's a good idea in theory but I think I'd just end up eating the whole box of granola bars...

    as for the mcdonalds cones -- YES!!! That is an offer I will not refuse. You're so sweet!

    Jane - I feel your pain ): no one in my family was impressed with siggis either...but, I guess that just means more skyr for me!