Monday, September 5, 2011

Do the kettlebell swing

Well, tomorrow I am headed back to school for my third year at CalArts. That freeeaaaaks me out. I don't feel like a Junior at all!

I can't say that I drew a whole lot this summer unfortunately...but what I can say is I LOVE KETTLEBELL! I tend to feel about working out/exercising the same way I also feel about showering: I feel like a million bucks once I'm done, but the whole process itself just feels like a big invasion of my time and I can't wait for it to be over. Not so with kettlebell!!! I look forward to my sumo squats and turkish get up sit ups every day! (Maybe if I do kettlebell in the shower I will enjoy showering more too?)

My godmother (you may remember her) gave me her old kettlebell and 25 min DVD and OOOH MAN it's so much fun to swing that thing around (unlike running, where I find myself praying for death to take me). So turns out it was developed in Russia where it is called girya which sounds a million times cooler than kettlebell.

only 25 mins and I feel the burn!!

Note the impressive pink seven pounder right there (apparently women are supposed to START OUT with 15 lbs...maybe that's only for Russian women. That must be it)

I imagine Millie does some kettlebell in her spare time

I really loathe girls like Millie.

Here I come, CalArts!!


  1. this makes me giggle...I seriously got called a mutant at work for lifting a 50lb box from the floor to the counter...I need to find a Kettleball workout cause this farm girl strength ain't going to stick around.

    1. KettlebEll, not bAll :/

  2. Haha I hope you keep this up when we're ROOMIES!!! ;)

  3. Haha I feel sorry for you Louise...don't be alarmed if you wake up to me huffing and puffing. Also don't be alarmed if there is a kettlebell accidentally flying toward your face.

    YOU SHOULD GET ONE TOO! We can spend quality time together doing squats in front of my laptop

  4. Makes you strong like bull...but soft like pillow (said in thick Russian accent)
    You need Bob's work out. You would love eeet.
    love - your god mother

  5. hannah!
    this post is so cute!
    dude... i barely touch the 5 lb. weights..

    see you at school!

  6. These really are too much fun. :) Stop being so damn awesome!