Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joy of the Mundane episode II: Grocery Shopping

Oooooh man
Grocery shopping is really the best
just the best.

Within the past couple of years I have become what you might call a health nut...the thoughts that most occupy my mind are daydreams of going to farmers markets and organic food stores, getting to take my sweet, sweet time checking out nutritional facts, fantasizing about the endless combinations of ways to make oatmeal exciting...

And fortunately, I have a grocery-shop-love partner, Jane Kim! Today we walked down to Sprouts Farmers Market together.

I freak out every time I go to Sprouts.

I recently discovered skyr, which is icelandic strained non-fat yogurt. Jane and I decided to have a cup. She bought some coconut toasted granola, and I brought along a couple boxes of raisins, so we added those in.



  1. Ahhhhhhh! I love this kind of stuff too, and your drawings are so cute!
    Have you ever stirred an egg into oatmeal? I heard that it makes oatmeal amazing, but I haven't tried it yet. o.o

  2. No I haven't tried that but that sounds BRILLIANT!!!

  3. Hannah...I love grocery shopping too. Yogurt is the best! So are these drawings, too cute Ayoubi!

  4. Be sure to stir the egg when you heat your oatmeal so it doesn't cook, and instead makes it silky smooooth! I like to honey, berries, and cinnamon to mine.

    My sister has told me the wonders of Sprouts, and I really, REALLY wanna go for fresh, cheaper ingredients when I bake!

  5. Okay, I'm worried about you. ARE YOU BECOMING A GRANOLA HEAD???

    No, please, no (in Alexia voice)