Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 12-13

YAHOO! The semester is almost over and all my work is done!
Here is my perspective homework from a week ago--a fantasy bird house

And here is the final project for my color and design class: a five foot long (two 2.5 foot boards) "illustrated score"

some close ups of the mermaids


  1. OH GOD, Hannah, this is putting me to shame! It just, geeze, they're so intricate. The washes are graphically beautiful, and your mixing between solid and transparent colors add some pop to your figures and provide clear focal points in your pieces.

    The amount of detail on all of these projects is AWESOME. Like all the little purple bits that you painted on your panel and the textures you made for the birdhouse in perspective with the water and wood textures for Hobaica's assignment are sophisticated! You've also been improving in your color schemes too, like with the green, red, and white scheme in your perspective and the blue and orange scheme in your panel. I feel like you've become much more aware of using color in your drawings and compositional elements with placement. Your background work has been blowing my mind, too.

    Excellent job, I can't wait to see what you come up with next semester! =]

  2.'s boooootiful!

  3. Really nice, Hannah! You are very gifted and I'm very proud of you :O) Hope to see you when you're in Houston.

  4. EEEE such pretty twisty flowing shapes in the illustrated score! Your colors are such a nice mix of soft and vibrant too!
    Gorgeous, darling! :3

  5. The color and brush strokes are so beautiful. It's always good to work in large dimensions!