Thursday, November 12, 2009

week 8

Digital production - practice in photoshop actions and coloring

Lifedrawings done with Starbucks instant coffee and a brown watercolor pencil

Color and design - self portraits


  1. I. am working on self portrait..and I think yours are funny and very good.On deviant art I saw your girl(Sienna colour) and I had pleasure to visit your blog.I give my name on deviant,I am very old ...

  2. I love these Hannah!! I started to write that the "lips" were my favorite, but I really like each one. I can't decide. May I have them all?

  3. So incredible! I can't wait to hear all about school!! we have to have a coffee date while you're here!! iz

  4. Hello! I found you through Deviantart :) I must say that your work is AWESOME and really inspires me a lot! I' wish I'll be studying in CAlarts tough xD I study animation too (in CHile lol), and artistic exploration like this almost doesn't exists x_x Well, I loved you blog, good luck :D