Friday, October 9, 2009

week 3

Here is some work from week 3 at CalArts!

For perspective class

And for story class. The assignment was to make a character line-up with 4-5 characters and then make a rendered movie scene using those characters. Though, last time our class was canceled because of a power outage and we all got ice cream, so this actually hasn't been critiqued yet...oh well

and lifedrawing


  1. Hey your life drawings are wearing close...what's up with that. :) Mr. Don

  2. Believe me, the majority of my lifedrawings are nudes--I thought I better not post any on my blog in case any youngsters find it on my facebook, though. Haha!

  3. Hannah bro, your work is so awesome.

    I wish I had a story class ;_;

    Why didn't I apply there auuugh!

  4. Was Madonna in your lifedrawing class??