Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Underworld Rulers

I like the story of Hades and Persephone...I would love to make a story from it!


  1. these are awesome! you've got a very fresh and spontaneous style it's very nice to look at your drawings :))

    you should definitely do a story about it

  2. I concur. You already seem to have a backstory set up with these: Hades the ex-bad-boy settling into middle-aged complacency without contentment, Persephone the former child bride grown up into respectability but burning with desire for more...more respectability. I like the way she's accessorized her husband. I see it as "Keeping Up Appearances" set in Hell, but that's just me; there's a hundred other directions to go. For one thing, Hades has a family, including a mother-in-law.
    I hope you do make a story. I love everything I've seen of yours, and I would pay to see it in a theatre. I'd pay to Kickstart it, too. Think big!

    1. Sorry for such a late reply but--thanks so much for the support and the fantastic input!!

  3. This is some great animation of your friendly suburban underworld couple. I love the flower on Hades belt buckle. It makes sense for the vegetation goddess to be around so many floral arrangements. Maybe you can draw inspiration from the Life in Hell comic series by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

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  4. Hannah, your work is awesome. Love the colors and personality in your drawings!! Can't wait to see more!